Warm Weather Vacation Packing List

If you’re like me, you probably put off packing until the last minute. Or you arrive at your destination and you’ve left something behind. Every single time. To make it easier and less forgetful, I wrote down my go-to packing list to get your trip started! 


  • swimsuits
  • tshirts
  • nice tops for dinner/going out
  • shorts
  • one pair of jeans
  • dresses
  • maxi skirt or skirts
  • cardigan or light jacket for night
  • workout clothes
  • socks
  • sports bras
  • bra/underwear
  • compressions (for long travel days)


  • tennis shoes for working out or hiking!
  • sandals
  • heels

Extras (including tips on how to make long flights easier)

  • passport or documents
  • money/credit cards
  • notify your bank if international
  • consider exchange rates and change money before you go
  • hats
  • sunglasses
  • jewelry
  • carry on bag or backpack
  • purse for going out
  • towel depending where you’re going and if it’s provided
  • candel or oils
  • sunscreen
  • camera/tripod
  • laptop/books/movies
  • headphones
  • chargers and adapter if needed
  • water bottle
  • journals

For roadtrips

  • beach balls or floaties
  • blankets
  • music playlists!!
  • portable speakers


  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • face wash
  • makeup
  • shampoo/conditioner/body wash
  • razors
  • brush
  • curling iron/straightener/hair dryer
  • ear plugs/eye mask
  • hand sanitizer
  • dry shampoo
  • tide to go
  • face wipes
  • hair rubber bands and bobby pins
  • sleep aids like melatonin
  • emergen-c


I bring most of my own foods for travel days

  • teas/coffee packets
  • fresh fruit for day of travel
  • almond milk (you can check in your bag if you’re going somewhere for an extended period of time) 
  • protein powder
  • cinnamon or other spices
  • dark chocolate
  • almond butter

For roadtrips

  • Casamigos tequila
  • A WHOLE COOLER filled with pre made meals, bars, and snacks 

 Check out my tips on how to make travel affordable! 

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