Nutritional Stocking Stuffers

I love to grab a healthy snack whenever I am heading out the door. Or I love finding creative ways to mix things into my go-to smoothie bowls. I personally value the foods and nutrients that I put in my body. It’s important to remember what works for some may not work for others. It doesn’t hurt either when great nutrition meets great flavor! As always, listen to your body and consult with your nutritionist on any suggestions by myself or others. 

Perfect Bar –

There are many bars on the market but Perfect Bar lives up to its name. I love that these bars are stored in your fridge for optimal taste and are easy to grab and go when rushing off to practice or a workout. It doesn’t hurt they taste like cookie dough with no REGRETS 😉 win-win am I right?! 

Wildway Granola – 

YOU GUYS. If there was one product I am absolutely obsessed with, it’s Wildway. I can’t tell you how hard it is to bring all my goodies overseas with me. Wildway has created smoothie kits that have all your nutrients packed into one (protein, adaptogens, restoring elements, and healing like chamomile). Everything is all packed into packet. I usually end up taking eight tubs of it with me when I go back to my pro team. Also, their granolas are hands down the best paleo granola I’ve had. My favorite is coconut cashew, but they have fun holiday flavors too! I pair it with homemade coconut yogurt and cute socks, cozy blankets, and a holiday movie and I’m one happy girl.



Ok this stuff is my jam. If you love health/food/all things healing and good, Golde has a nourishing blend of turmeric, ginger, and other wellness-bootsing botanicals to help you unwind from the inside out. A must try for when you are ready to call it a day. I like it with a little almond milk and cinnamon on top. Or in the mornings I add some espresso and am ready to start the day! Check out their Matcha and CoCo flavors, as well. I love to bring this on the road with me when I’m not sure what the food will look like for my trips. 

Care/of Vitamins:

This might sound out there, but let’s be honest, vitamins don’t come cheap. I love the customization of this vitamin pack. All you do is hop on to the Care/of website and take the quick survey asking you about your lifestyle, goals and values, and then it will recommend a daily vitamin regimen and you can customize your pack! 


· Eating Evolved: 

I think I eat maybe one pack of these a day when I’m in the states. They’re my all-time go to snack/dessert and even breakfast with a little pb on top when my sweet tooth is out-of-control. In fact, I hide these in my pantry so that I can have them all. Perfect little treat for any stocking…or picking someone up at the airport on Christmas day if you’re flying home like I’ll be! *cough cough 


· Om Mushrooms: 

Healing adaptogenic are all the rage this year. Om mushrooms make blends for your recovery, healing and immune system and help prep you for performance and an energy mix that I swear by. They’ve given me that little extra advantage in helping my body be at its best. Perfect additions to smoothie bowls, throw it in latte/warm drink, or even put it in some homemade dark chocolate bites.

If you’re in need of more gift ideas check out my guide here!

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