Coconut Curry and Pineapple Fried Rice: Bangkok, Thailand

To see a city is one thing, but to experience it is another. The best way to do this: food and drink. My favorite travel stories are the ones spent eating and drinking like a local. Here are a couple of places that I would recommend to eat and drink in Bangkok, Thailand.
Eat and Drink in Bangkok, Thailand
– Krua Apsorn: this Thai restaurant is the realest Thai experience. You may think what is this place when you first walk in. But trust me, it legit. Order the yellow curried crab, thom yum soup and get coconut ice cream for dessert (duh).
– Steves Cafe: This place is right on the river and has the best authentic food. It can be a little hard to find but it’s so worth it. Plug address into google maps (68 Sri Ayudhaya Road, Soi Sri Ayudhaya 21 (Devet), Vachiraphayabaan, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand). 
– Hemlock: Adorable and yummy, make sure to order the leaf wraps. It’s located across the street from Sheepshank, which is a nice bar to have a cocktail on the river. 
– Any street cart with a lot of thai people sitting at it!: You cannot go wrong 99% of the time. Just ask a young person to help you order delish food from an old thai woman cooking noodles.  
Eat and Drink in Bangkok, Thailand

 Where to Eat (American, Thai and Other) in Bangkok:

– Ethos: Off Khao San road has the best massaman curry. This place is super cute and also has great smoothies.
– Mai Kaidee: Down a couple back alleyways near Khao San Road, this restaurant is my go to for mango sticky rice and coconut milk smoothies. 
– Chomp: If you need american food go here. Breakfast, lunch and dinner here are all good. 
– Cinema Wine House: This is next door to Chomp. Go here for the cheap wine. The owner, Shanik, always knows where to party that night. You can go here to pregame, hang out with Shanik and then go out!! 
Eat and Drink in Bangkok, Thailand

Things to do in Bangkok:

-The Temples: You can’t come to Bangkok and not see the temples. You really can’t go wrong with any of the ones your visit.
The Malls: Why would you go to the malls in Bangkok…becuase they’re amazing. MBK is more of an indoor market with a ton of random stuff and from here you can make your way to Siam Center (one of my favorites. This is where the young, hip Thai women shop.)
-Paragon: Is one of the nicest malls and has an AMAZING food court in the basement. Go here to eat dinner, and then walk across the street on a week night. There is an outdoor street market with awesome clothes all along Rama I Road.
Jim Thompson House: I avoided this place for the longest time because I thought it would be silly and touristy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Built by an American silk manufacturer, it’s a beautiful home on the river with amazing Thai art. This is also across the street from the malls. 
Chatuchak Market: If you are in BK on Saturday or Sunday you MUST go to Chatuchak. It has the best of EVERYTHING. You could spend all day shopping and eating here. 
– China Town: Has the bestttttt street food and is a fun neighborhood to walk around. 
Eat and Drink in Bangkok, Thailand

 Where to Drink in Bangkok:

– Khao San Road: I know this is a touristy street but some of my best nights were on this street, alongside backpackers dancing to Rihanna on a table. Literally drink anywhere on this street.
– Above 11: This is an expat rooftop bar with an amazing view of the city and great cocktails. This bar is on Sukhumvit Soi 11, which also has Levels (a fun club with outdoor space) and a ton of other bars near by. 
– RCA: Street with a ton a clubs (go to Route 66). Thai people and expats all come together here and it is always too much fun. 
Eat and Drink in Bangkok, Thailand
Other advice: take cabs places but know where you’re going and always ask to run the meter. Just be aware when dealing with any cab or tuk tuk driver. If anyone around Khao San or the temples approaches you and offers to take you on a tour do not accept it. There are a lot of scams, especially in touristy areas. 
PS. we had the chance on one of our trips to volunteer at an orphanage! I’m so grateful for my job and that so many beautiful people have touched my heart.
Eat and Drink in Bangkok, Thailand
Did I miss any places to grab a bite in Bangkok? Let me know below!

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