About Kelsey

Kelsey Robinson A Passport to PlayWelcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a professional volleyball player, Olympic Bronze Medalist and Nebraska Husker Alum. These days I spend most of my time living out of a suitcase, developing recipes in the kitchen, or exploring one country to the next.

As a volleyball player, travel addict and foodie, I love that my sport provides travel advantages when I’m not on the court. From ravioli to gnocchi in the small towns of Italy, to secret beaches & fried plantains in Puerto Rico, I believe it’s important to discover the world, learn from different cultures and maybe cross off a few items on my bucket list along the way. When I’m not overseas, you can find me playing volleyball on the beach (it never gets old!), brunching with friends or letting Netflix know that yes, I am still watching.

My passion for traveling was something that was instilled at a young age while traveling with my family. While most kids my age were probably watching MTV, I was glued to Travel Channels’ Great Hotels with Samantha Brown. I made a habit of always writing down where I went or what I did, things I liked/disliked. When I started traveling with the USA National Team, I often had time to get out of the hotel and wander. Between that and my overseas club teams, I got a chance to see a bit of the world. I began to keep track of my experiences.

Along with travel developed my LOVE for cooking. I’ve been able to try foods all over the world and incorporate that into my own meals. I truly enjoy finding ways to create dishes that not only taste amazing but also support my health and my body’s ability to perform on the court.

My Inspiration

Over the years, teammates and friends would reach out and ask for recommendations on where to go if they were in a city I had been. I experienced so much joy when they would use my picks and tell me about it! The idea for Nom and Play came after I spent a weekend in Tuscany and had posted a few pictures of my trip. A friend, and fellow travel lover reached out and asked where I had went. I wrote her all my finds and sent more pictures. My friend and her spouse used the tips, had a wonderful time and shared her experience with me! That was the biggest motivation to continue to write and share the things I’ve seen or done with everyone.

Our world is incredible. Filled with fascinating cultures, rich histories, and FLAVORS UPON FLAVORS of food (in which I’m constantly trying to recreate). There is so much to see, and for those who choose to embrace different, your life and your heart will forever be changed. So cheers if you use any of the tips or enjoy reading the articles, I really love what I do!

Any comments, feedback or stories are more than welcome!

xoxo Kelsey Robinson