2017 Christmas Gift Giving Guide

The season of giving is right around the corner. If you’re scrambling for gifts or coming up short on what to get you family and friends, not to fear! I’ve come up with a list of gifts for everyone on your list – from the athletically inclined to the health nut.



As an avid Under Armor wearer, I am thrilled they have created a volleyball-specific shoe. They waited until the product was just perfect before launching and they definitely got it right. The “Highlight Ace” goes high up on your ankles, which gives you the extra support you need – and it doesn’t hurt that the shoe is super cute too! 



The bags are designed and handcrafted in New York using the world’s finest materials. It’s a work of love, done by hand at a small leather factory in Brooklyn. The level of craftsmanship is exquisite, and the metallic color wave is perfect for the season. 

The Rolltop Duffel stands out as a great holiday gift. It is their sportiest shape and is designed to take you from workout to work to weekend in style. 

Personally, I sweat a lot so the heavyweight zip top duffel is my favvvv! It’s built to fit a lot of clothes (or sweaty practice shirts) and has pockets for all the other essentials. 


A great buy for any athlete, in any sport. You can use them at home, which makes it easy to get in a quick workout (necessary during the holiday season!) or to warm up muscles before practice. 



if your athlete plays professionally or even just wants an at-home recovery kit, Normatec is my go to for getting my legs back to 100% for practice the next day. There’s been days where I could barely walk to my car from the gym. After hopping in their systems for 30 minutes, I feel like a whole new person! 



Whether I’m icing my knee/shoulder or rolling out before practice with the venom, their products are a staple in my everyday routine. What’s even better, they just came out with a new product, the Venom, that I recently took to my pro team with me. I use it to heat my muscles while sending vibrations throughout so I’m perfectly ready to compete the minute I step onto the court. 



I love dressing up and getting out of my sweats from time-to-time. Their product allows you to track all your fitness goals so you can know how many steps to burn off all those cookies AND keep those stress levels low during the holidays. 

Quick Ringly Facts:

• Stainless steel core with 14k gold plating or a polished stainless-steel finish

• Accurately record steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned

• Create goals, view progress and receive alerts when you reach them

• Never miss a message again – receive customized phone alerts with 4 subtle vibration patterns and 5 light colors

• MINDFULNESS: in-app guided audio meditation and breathing exercises

• Connects with your phone via Bluetooth


JBL Athletic Headphones:

These headphones don’t fall out! Which makes them perfect for working out (or for sleeping on a plane). With a proprietary design created for athletes, you will enjoy the most comfortable and secure fit. Just twist and lock- it’s that easy.

 JBL Premium dynamic speaker driver create big sound, and JBL Pure Bass Performance keeps you energized as you tackle the next set in the gym. 

Already have your gifts but need ideas on stocking stuffers? Check out my choices for the perfect stocking stuffers this year!

Find the goodies here!

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